Design Tweets of the Week #10

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How to successfully educate your clients on web development

If you are running a design agency, your job is very likely to combine business development, graphic design, technology and user experience design: a basketful of very different fields. When dealing with clients, one faces the challenge of clearly and effectively communicating the goals and results of the work done in these areas.

14 Designers discuss logo, brand and identity

To clarification of the differences between Logo, Brand and Identity, I have asked 14 designers from around the world about their opinions in Logo, Brand and Identity and How he/she definition each of them.

Designing for iPad: Reality check

The question, Are we designing desktop programs, web sites or something entirely new?, has been torturing us until that express package from New York finally crossed our door sill. A quick write up of design insights before and after the appearance of the iPad at our office

How To Spend Less Time With Social Media

With Google+ hitting the scene, many in the design and development communities have had their productivity schedules thrown up in the air. This latest development in the social media networking waters has caused many to once more, begin losing themselves and their time to that old familiar interloper. So we have had requests from readers, on ways that we can spend less time with social media and actually get some work done.

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