Underwater Dogs | Photography By Seth Casteel

The Underwater Dogs Photography series by Seth Casteel is just blatantly awesome. I came across this doggy Facebook wildfire yesterday, and I want to make sure everyone gets a look.

Only months ago, Seth Casteel was struggling to pay his overhead after he splurged on a waterproof camera case, making it possible for him to shoot these fantastic Underwater Dogs photos. Seth then woke up on Friday morning with tons of money from print orders on his newly established online store. I guess the American dream does still exist for artists!

I scraped up quite a few, but I’m sure there are more out there.  If you have any other requests or like what you see, leave me some comments. Enjoy!

2 Dogs 1 Ball

dog fetching ball in water

uh oh dog face in water

under water dive dog ball

Dogs Under Water Photo

dog underwater fierce

Dog Fetching Ball Underwater

Underwater Dog

Underwater dog diving for ball

This one reminds me of the Ice Age squirrel haha.

Black and White dog underwater

Weiner Dog Underwater Ball

dogs underwater

deep doggy diving underwater

lab underwater dog photo

wide splash underwater dog

big gulp doberman photo

Dog Underwater

Big Gulp Dog and Ball

dark dog water photo

dog diving for ball

graceful dog dive under water

dog diving for ball in water

dogs diving underwater for ball

under water dog big ball

dog sniffing around underwater

under water bulldog photo

black and white dog photo

Underwater Dogs Dive For Ball

underwater dogs by casteel

Underwater Dog with Ball

All photo credits to Seth Casteel and LittleFriendsPhoto. If you enjoyed the photos as much I did, you can follow Seth’s work on his official website and Facebook fan page.

Here’s also an inside video of Nevada the diving dog. It’s amazing how well the photos came out.

These photos are published with permission from Seth Casteel. So please do not leave dirty comments about image rights violations. All other comments are encouraged though!

Hi! All is good – thanks for sharing!! :) I have a book coming out in a few months.. will keep you posted.
Seth Casteel

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  1. guest says:

    You realize just how wild dogs are when you look at these pictures!