Design Tweets Of The Week #12

Some great design articles popped up on a few of my favorite sites this week. If you weren’t lucky enough to ‘catch the tweet this week‘, I’ve compiled this weeks design followup list.

Sorry! The Lifestyle You Ordered Is Currently Out Of Stock
This is an awesome advertisement by Banksy. It’ll get you thinking.

Interview With Brian Hoff
He’s the Brooklyn-based creative who went from working in an Apple shop to using the iPhone to gather inspiration for his design business. Tom May finds out how he made the switch.

Maria Popova just launched Explore, a discovery engine for meaningful knowledge. A project by Coursekit, with Maria as the editor. Trust me when I say, you better bookmark this one.

Inside The WordPress Toolbar
The WordPress Admin Bar, first introduced in version 3.1, debuted to mixed reactions. A Google search for “wordpress admin bar” returns multiple articles about how to disable or remove it. Version 3.2 of WordPress introduced new features and functionality, and version 3.3 has not only further enhanced it but integrated the header of the admin section into the bar itself.

Tips and Guidelines for Smarter Price Estimates
When you are building a price sheet it can be a struggle to match costs with efficiency. Prices are always changing based on quality and brand recognition. As a small freelancer you probably won’t have much branding, but this isn’t an excuse to lower your standards into accepting a smaller income.

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