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Today, I’ll share my experience with a new client, formerly known as BrrBerry. For this project, I was hired to assist in coming up with a new company name for which I would develop a logo design.

Client Brief

BrrBerry Mission Statement

We are kind of different than most of the frozen yogurt shops. We will have one specialty dessert each day of the week as well as gourmet coffee.  We want people of all ages to feel welcome.  We want it to be a fun atmosphere for parents to bring there kids to come get a delicious treat as well as a place for adults to indulge in a healthy treat (frozen yogurt, fresh fruit, etc) or if they want to splurge, they can have a piece of our homeade dessert of the day.  We want people to know that you can come get something delicious that is good for you, but that you can also splurge-it’s their choice.  We are going to try and keep fresh fruit as much as we possibly can.  Living in Wyoming there may be a few months we can’t, but we really want to focus on staying as fresh as we possibly can and making sure our products are the very best (including our yogurt, toppings and desserts). It will be self-serve so again “they choose” how much they want, how many flavors of yougrt, how many toppings, etc.

The focus is Quality, Healthy, Fun, Hip, Clean…& All age groups.

Key Notes Taken From The Brief Interview

  • Company: To be determined during development
  • Not childish, All Ages
  • Use Wonder Blue and Clear Pond Swatches provided
  • Quality, Healthy, Fun, Hip, Clean
  • Self Serve
  • Fresh Toppings

Original Client Logo Design

berry yogurt logo design

You can actually see that the previous designer did not bother polishing out lines from an stock photography watermark. Don’t get me started on what’s wrong here.

Some Inspiration/Materials Provided By Client



Brainstorming Connections and Company Names

The frozen yogurt market is severely saturated. In the past 10 years, thousands of stores have popped up following companies like PinkBerry. Words like “froyo” are trademarked and unusable. The client and I spent a week or more debating names. Then we had to check them for trademarks!

Yogurt Logo Brainstorm

In these brainstorming exercises the idea is to discover new ideas by association.

Ideas for Yogurt Company

Listing name ideas. I had about 100 names or more by the time I was done. The client narrowed it down to a few. The main choices were KoBerry, Bliss, P.S. Yogurt (initials of mother and daughter), and maybe going back with BurBerry.

You’ll see in the sketches below that we attacked a few name ideas to see how it went. I also encouraged thinking about the name being used freely by customers in a sentence.


  • “Hey I’m going down to Bliss. Do you want to come?”
  • “Anyone want anything from Bliss?”
  • “We just tried Bliss downtown. It’s pretty good.”
  • “Wanna go to Bliss?”

The Process Of Sketching Concepts

I always start in my sketch book. It doesn’t matter whether it’s easier or not. In this case, I spent a little less time hand drawing because we were working with handwritten typefaces. Writing beautifully is not my strongest point.

Bliss Yogurt Logo sketches

A couple quick sketches to warm up and see what type style feels good. As you can see, I also had a few more connections continued from the brainstorming.

Yogurt Design Sketches

Playing around with some other ideas other than typography based logo designs.

Digital Concepting

yogurt typeface

Playing With Type. I picked a grid of handwritten typefaces to look at.

customizing type

Option 1 Logo Typeface

designing type

Option 2 Logo Typeface bliss-effects

yogurt logo design processTake it a step further with comparisons and more digital sketching. Also, looking at another type which we end up choosing. yogurt swirl concepts

yogurt fruit concepts

Trying to incorporate a relative symbol. The idea was to try to use some creative fruit-like object, play on a heart, or even a swirl.

Adding Color To The Logo Design

When we started on color, I already knew that we would be primarily sticking to the swatches provided from the interior. The clients budget had been set to allow moderate exploration during the logo design process. This meant I could spend a little time outside of the main palette to see what it looks like. Not all options look good, but now we can at least say that for certain.

logo design color choices

A more safe palette.

frozen yogurt logo colors

Some more vivid experimentation.

cool color palettes

Finding more middle ground.

Trying to balance red and blue. Looking into possibility of subtle discord. We ended up agreeing that the red was a bit too powerful.

Trying different combinations.

Reducing the B

editing typography

Cleaning Up The Logo

As you can see, in some of the previous concepts I had cleaned up the type a little. Now it’s time to really get in there at 1200% zoom. I’m looking for jag edges, awkward lines, and creating a spotless impression.

logo comparison

It’s hard to see on a small version. Click the image to see a larger size. Notably the bottom the “B,” heart fruit, and line intersections.

Editing Type

I zoomed in a little more to show some examples. Most people will think I’m crazy if I don’t. haha.

The Client Makes The Final Decision

We spent a long time on the color scheme, even more than shown in this article. We had beat this logo development until it had no more possibilities, or so it felt like. My job as the designer was to make a recommendation on the design and color scheme.

Bliss Logo Recommendation

The client had insisted that the “g” in yogurt use the clear pond. I vouched against it, but the client controls their final product. I made sure to provide files for the requested design, plus my recommendation. This way they can choose.

Logo Design Process Bliss Yogurt

Final Version.

Store Front Preview

yogurt store signage


Typeface Decisions
The client was looking for a flowing, neat and classy design. We agreed on a handwritten font that achieved all of these along with a mild cuteness factor.

Color Palette
The color palette was influenced by the interior of the building so I stuck to wonder blue as the primary swatch used. Clear pond, the lighter green/blue is used to accent the design.

Overall Concept Execution
The design fits nicely on yogurt cups, their website, and the front of the store.

Thanks for checking out the logo design process of Bliss Yogurt! If you are looking for a professional logo design shoot me a message.

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