10+ Killer Typography Design Examples

Typography can be exciting and often goes overlooked by designers. I’m gathering inspirational type examples to motivate some of my own personal designs. I’ll share a few, and I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

Each design is credited with a link to the artist/designer that created it.

love & hate jack maxwell

Design by Jack Maxwell


serviceplan typography airport design

Design by Serviceplan

What a great solution to make an impact on those that actually pay attention to the type.


oil and water dont mix design

Design by Anthony Burrill

This example is cool because it’s silk-screen printed with spilled oil from the Mexican Gulf.


fragile state by sawdust typography

Design by Sawdust


anthony petrie logo design type

Design from Anthony Petrie


wash me typography

Design by Toby and Pete

There’s another one of these on their portfolio website. It’s called “Rub Me.” Take a look around because these guys have a fantastic portfolio of typography.


uptown, midtown, downtown type

Design by Craig and Karl

I couldn’t find a source link to this but you can find them @craigandkarl.

Love typography design by john alcorn

Design by John Alcorn


bench.lo typography logo design

Design by Bench


Macy’s 4th of July type by @MrCraigWard.

Design by Craig Ward

This one is really awesome. Check out the making of the design on the image link. @MrCraigWard


“Grow the fuck up” sculpture by David Buckingham.

Design by David Buckingham.


typography design  by velvetyne

Design by Velvetyne


west coast best coast typography

Digitized by Erik Marinovich


cincinnati food typography

Design by Joel Holland


Special thanks to TypeEverything for many of the leads. If you are the designer and would prefer to be removed, let me know. Thank these artists for the inspiration!

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